My name is Martin Zeman and work as a freelance photographer and filmmaker. In 2010 I traveled a lot and since then it’s been with me. The passion for photography has been connected with travel and so the content of this website is somehow created.

During more than fifteen years of photography practice, I used to use Adobe programs to edit photos. Thanks to that, my computer started to fill with a lot of presets, which I use mainly in the Lightroom. Now is the time when I have decided to share some of these presets with you. I chose the ones I use to edit my travel photos, to edit my portrait and then more general ones to use in everyday photographic practice. They are all very well suited for editing photos for social networks (instagram, facebook …) I hope you enjoy them.


email: martin@thelightroompresets.com
instagram: www.instagram.com/thelightroompresets

About purchase:

You can buy and download the Lightroom presets via Gumroad, a secure marketplace for digital products. Gumroad accepts Paypal and all major credit cards.

*For European customers: According to the EU VAT rules on digital products, private individuals must pay Value Added Tax (VAT) based on the country where they are located. Companies with a valid VAT identification number can enter it at checkout and the purchase will be VAT free.