How to install presets in Adobe Camera Raw 10.3+ (Mac)

Do you want to install and use presets in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) on a Mac running OS X? The new .xmp format now allows this. You only need ACR 10.3 or later.

Please note that the presets downloaded from are compatible with Lightroom CC, and Classic as well as the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR 10.3+).

Our presets come in a zip file. Simply unzip the file to a location you’ll remember such as your desktop or your Downloads folder.


We supply our presets in the .xmp format, which Adobe has supported since 2018. Its advantage is the compatibility with Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera RAW.

How to install presets in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR)

Installing presets in ACR:

  1. Open a new Finder window, and find your user directory (it should be labeled with your name).
  2. Go to [UserName] > Library > Application Support > Adobe > Camera Raw > Settings, and keep this window open.
  3. If the ~/Library folder doesn’t appear for you, you can make it visible or easily access it by following the steps in this help article from Adobe.
  4. Go to the location where you unzipped the presets zip file and open the xmp folder.
  5. You will see a few folders in the xmp folder. Select all of them, and hit command+C to copy them.
  6. Go back to the other window where you have the Settings folder open, and hit command+V to paste all the folders inside.
  7. Now you should have the Contrastly preset folders inside the Settings folder.
  8. Launch Photoshop, then ACR, and enjoy!